Advanced Boring & Tool Company | Full-Service Milling
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Full-Service Milling

Advanced Boring and Tool has a full range of milling equipment that will meet the needs of most machining projects. Whether the design is a geo tool, end effector or machine such as a broach, Advanced Boring has the machining capabilities to complete large frames and bases as well as all of the associated, smaller details.


All enclosed at one location, ABT has a vast array of mills at its disposal. With boring mills that range from a (20) foot floor mill to 72” DeVlieg jig mills, large and medium sized work can easily be accommodated. Adding to the body of boring mills is a host of CNC mills ranging in size from (10) foot to (24) inches. Included in these CNCs are 5-axis and high speed mills capable of efficiently fulfilling anyform milling needs.


The last feature to the milling line-up is a compliment of Bridgeport mills. The versatile Bridgeport can easily handle everything from compound milling and boring to simple proximity switch brackets.


In conjunction with our assembly of machines is a crew of highly skilled and dedicated machinists. It is these experienced specialists that are more than capable of solving even the most complicated machining needs.

Please Feel Free to Contact Us to Learn More About Our Capabilities